Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Charges not paid within terms will be subject to penalties of 1 ½% per month (18% per annum) including collection charges and attorneys fees.


Returned Checks

Accounts from which we receive non sufficient funds checks will be subject to being placed on a cash only basis for a minimum of 4 orders. We ask that any checks returned for non sufficient funds are replaced with a cashier’s check, money order, or cash. A $30.00 service charge will be applied to the customer’s account for the returned check. If the returned check is due to a bank error a litter from the bank confirming the error will return a customer’s account to its prior status. If you have any questions regarding your terms or our credit policy, please contact our credit manager.


Returned Orders & Product

Any returned orders, due to store closure during delivery hours, non-payment or insufficient funds will be voided, and subject to a 20% restocking fee. Any returned product that were ordered and shipped per your company’s request will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.


Out of Stocks

Our inventory control system will allow us to inform you, 99% of the time of an out of stock situation, at the time you place your order. When an item is ordered that we don’t have the stock to fill your order, the item will be entered on your invoice with a zero under quantity ordered and a zero under quantity shipped. This will remind you that you had ordered the item: however, you were informed at the time of your order that we did not have that particular product. Occasionally, anticipated shipments don’t arrive as scheduled and we are not able to fill the orders that we expected to fill. In this case, you will have a number under the quantity ordered and a zero under the quantity shipped. Since we don’t keep back order records at this time, all undelivered item need to be reordered.


Errors and Adjustments

Any errors or problems with an invoice must be reported to our office within 48 hours of receipt of the delivery. Please be able to provide the invoice number and date of delivery of the invoice in question. A credit memo will be issued from our office if the claim is approved: we ask that no adjustments be made to our invoices. All claims will be investigated and adjustments made accordingly. To avoid any unnecessary problems, the procedures for receiving product should be followed.

Returns and Credits

Southwest Traders, Inc. guarantees that all merchandise is fresh and saleable upon delivery. If at the time of delivery you are not satisfied with the condition of any product, return the product with our driver. Items being returned from prior deliveries must be returned within two weeks from the date of delivery. These items must be clean and free of all markings and in their original containers with Southwest Trader’s computerized label intact. We are not able to accept yogurt mix returns from previous deliveries. Item’s which are “special order”, discontinued or seasonal may not be returned for credit. Approval from our customer service office must be received to return any items which do not meet the specifications stated above. If concealed damage or defective merchandise is discovered after delivery, contact your Southwest Traders’ customer service representative within 48 hours. All claims will be investigated and adjustments made accordingly. To avoid any unnecessary problems, the procedures for receiving product should be followed carefully.


Problems will occur from time to time with perishable products such as yogurt mix. If spoilage does occur before the expiration date of the product, contact your customer service representative. Our driver will be instructed to pick up and credit spoilages providing they meet proper specifications. Yogurt mix to be returned from credit must not have been removed from its original container, mixed, blended or transferred to a machine and must be returned prior to its expiration date. Our suppliers have a variety of spoilage policies, therefore if a spoilage problem occurs our driver may pick up the product with a credit pending from the manufacturer. If such credits are approved by the manufacturer, Southwest Traders will issue a credit memo against your account. Please don’t deduct any pending credits that have not been approved from your payment. Credit may be denied on spoilage, if the request exhibits signs of over ordering or improper storage, on the part of the customer (Southwest Trader’s discretion only).